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Tennessee Business Broker Solutions


Tennessee Business Broker Solutions was founded on the principals of helping current and future business owners to build their dreams. We understand the upward and downward turns a business will travel. Also, we understand the challenges and exciting opportunities a business may face. This could be in the form of an exit strategy, a new purchase, an expansion, lowering cost or capital injection.  We connect both qualified buyers and sellers and assist in negotiating to reach mutual goals. “Assist future and present business owners with solutions”


Meet your Business Partners  

Steve Terry

Business Broker

PH: 615-406-3305 Email:


Steve Terry comes from 20 plus years in the financial sector ranging from government regulations to private investors financial lending. Working with various financial streams, He understands what the financial lending arms are lending from acquisitions, refinances, and capital injections. He has a wealth of knowledge to structure and maximize your business goals. Services and trust are the two main components he has collaborated to build his foundation.


Servicing the Southeast Region Market for all of your business needs.



PH: 615-586-1935            Email:

Kris Benavides comes with the experience of day one creation: building and operating a small to midsized business. She understands what it takes, the sacrifice and endurance, to build something from nothing and then to handing it off to a new owner. Having sold a business and buying another gives her a unique perspective in this industry.

Kris has experience in banking, investment firms as well as an understanding of contracts and negotiations. She has an eclectic back ground both in education and career, that helps her understand a large variety of businesses; from logistics to retail, finance to janitorial services, automotive to criminal law.

Kristen Benavides

Business Broker

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