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Welcome to the New Business lending page. 



When it comes to lending for acqusitions, it is always best to have

a business plan and often required. We are able to help you develop

and structure a business plan to reach your goals. 


A business plan is an essential roadmap for business success. This living

document generally projects 3-5 years ahead and outlines the route a company

intends to take to grow revenues. In return, the bank or investor will have a better

idea about your plan and your business experience when making a decision to approve your lending request. Below are a couple of options which may help you to acheive your goals. Please click on the application. You may email or fax the completed application. A repersentive will reach out to start the process. We look forward in working with you.  

SBA (small business administration)
Is a government progam in which you will deal directly with Banks or Packaging companies who prerpares your loan and then sends it to SBA. Longer term,  less down payment.


Improve your odds of business success by understanding your financing needs as well as the options that are available to help you start, manage and grow your business.


  • Estimating Startup Costs

  • ​Using Personal Finances

  • Preparing Financial Statements

  • Developing a Cash Flow Analysis

  • Breakeven Analysis

  • Borrowing Money for Your Business

  • SBA Financial Assistance Eligibility

  • Is Your Business Fiscally Fit?

  • Have a Business Plan to present with your application.  


Apply for SBA Lending application Part 1 and Part 2


Non-Traditional Lending

Private investors mainly are in the arena of creative and out of the box lending. Credit in most cases is not a requirement.  

Conventional Loans
Most common conventional lenmding are loans from financial instution's funds. Various types of programs. Access to funds shorter timeline. 

Conventional Lending may be a good fit for you. Typically you receive a better rate and lower cost, which can boost your bottom line. Several financial instution we partner with and have a strong relationship with are eager to help. In order for us to help with conventional finacing please collect the following items or documents, and complete the application. 


  • 3 years tax returns

  • Current years P&L (Profit & Loss)

  • Resume

  • Business plan (we can assist with a business plan)


Apply for lending here

Owner Financing and 401K/IRA
Takes place without the assistance of a third party insitutionGenerally short term and shows confidence in the business will profit.  

Private investors invest in the business and the new owner. Providing a resume and a business plan are a must when negoitating financing. We are here to help you with the process of negotiations with investors. The guidelines are minimal, for an example, "stated income" or "equity position" may be the only requirement. This avenue is intended for you to acquire the business and get a solid foothold on the day to day operation. The options are generally short term. Please complete the application  and provide the following so we can place your request with the best suited investor. 


  • 3 years tax returns

  • Current years P&L

  • Resume

  • Business plan (we can assist with a business plan)


Apply for lending click here 


Owner financing is a great way to get your feet on the ground when buying a business. You can keep some working capital in your pocket while you are in transition. Plus, it shows the seller has confidence in the business to pay back any debt. It is a win-win situation. We help with all of the documents and filings. For additional information please send us an email and provide the type of business or business you wish to buy by click here


Accessing the power of your 401k or IRA is an excellent way of investing into a business. After all it's your money, let it work for you in building your dreams and goals. No application, no approval process, no interest, access as much or as little as you need. This a wonderful option to explore. Click here to learn more


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